• We help schools & HEIs increase international student population with customized solutions

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    International student enrollments is the most important part of growing enrollments, a thriving student body and increasing international profile, and that's what we help with.


    YGS is a boutique advisory firm that helps schools, colleges and universities increase their international student population. With 3 pillars, the company employs a framework with marketing messaging, country match and distribution. We provide students with an engaging experience by marketing programs that are tailored to each individual market's needs as well as providing them with the right message for these countries.


    No matter where they're located or what language they speak - we can help. Previously, we've helped to increase student enrollment by 391% in 6 months through personalized solutions.

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    Start & Grow International Student Population

    We'll work with you to design a strategy that's tailored to your situation.

    Web Design

    We'll help you create a website that is specifically for international students from different cultures, so you can showcase your best self and attract international students.

    Increase Partner Agents

    We'll help you get more partner agents to work with you without providing exorbitant commission fees.

    Activate Partner Agents

    We'll help you activate your partner agents so they would start sending international students to you.

    Direct Recruitment

    We'll help you recruit international students directly without travelling abroad, and reduce your commissions.

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    • How to accelerate your international student recruitment by using a Partner-Direct Ascension Model even if you've just started to recruit international students, and you don't have a huge international reputation

    • How to activate your partner agents to send you more international students

    • Pitfalls to avoid when recruiting international students

    • ​​​How to leverage on partnerships to build your own direct recruitment channel, and significantly reduce the commission payouts

    • T​​​he EXACT 5-step Partner-Direct Ascension Model we used to achieve 391% increase in enrollments within 6 months... it works if your classes are online or in-person

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