3 Simple Questions that Get You More International Students

If you are at a college or university recruiting international students, here are the things your team might be saying about the below-target international student numbers:


  1. No international reputation
  2. Ranking is not high enough
  3. Agents only want to work with schools that have huge commissions
  4. Agents are bad
  5. Agents don’t want to send students
  6. Small marketing team


If only these can be turned into positive, proactive questions using the word ‘how’:

  • How can we get international students even without international reputation?
  • How should we promote if we don’t have a high ranking?
  • How can we get agents to work with us even if we don’t provide a huge commission?


Thoughts dictate actions, actions dictate results. These issues can be solved – if we do some research, there are institutions who have already overcome these problems.


It’s just a matter of asking the right questions.


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