How to Activate partner education agents

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If you've been working with partner agents, you may realize that some of them have agreed to partner with you. However, they don't send you any international students.

One of the reasons is because there is not enough training for the agents - they simply don't know how to market your programs.


See, education agents work as an extension of your school, university or college.


They are the people who are in the frontline, promoting your programs. They are the marketing and sales people.


Then if they are part of your team, then they deserve to be trained well.


Also, agents of different countries are looking for different kinds of training from your institute. A few things to take note of:

1. Culture

2. Visa

3. Grade Requirements

... and more


Agents from different places need different training from you in order to market to their students.


Note that this is not just training that teaches the agents information about your school, but it should act as marketing and sales training for your institute!


So it's very important to combine the elements above and create the right strategy for you.


However, having worked with multiple education providers, I realised that they face these issues when trying to train their agents:

1. training too long

2. training doesn't take into account agents are not native English speakers

3. training not captivating and makes people want to fall asleep

4. difficult to access the training

5. their team simply doesn't have time to train the agents

6. their team doesn't know what's the best way to sell to students based on the different countries


What's worse, when there's not enough support, the agents would lose interest in promoting your school... it doesn't matter whether you have any agreements with them. Or they'll send you the wrong students.


How many inactive agents do you have right now?


Need help activating your agents? 


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