How to Create a High Demand College Program

Not all of your university or college programs will have the same demand internationally.


Whether you have Undergrad, Graduate, or Executive Education programs, there will be more people attracted to certain types of programs.


The hottest programs for 2021 are:

– Graduate Business Programs

– Tech-related programs

– Healthcare (actually, this has been popular for the past 5-10 years)


This means that no matter how much you pay into advertising, some programs will still get below-target international students.


This also means that if you have these programs and don’t have enough students or not meeting your enrollment goals, there is a huge missed opportunity here.


Then comes the next problem of how to standout from all the other colleges offering the same type of programs.


One of the key factors is the program itself:

  • Is there a high demand for these types of programs?
  • Are people more interested in undergrad or grad programs?
  • What kind of curriculum do people want for these programs?
  • Which countries have the highest demand in these types of program?
  • The revenue-generating model – should this be promoted to students, parents or businesses?
  • What are the components that employers are looking for in the program?
  • How can we train students for getting jobs easier?

No matter how much colleges want to educate students, if there are only a few enrolling, they cannot educate and make an impact.


It’s important to have components in the program that people actually want, not just what we think they need.


It’s important to conduct market research and rapidly test out program ideas and structures before spending time and effort on something that no one really wants.


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