How to cut your Advertising Spend by 20%

About the webpage (landing page), and it’s not what you think.


For Higher Ed, vocational colleges and language schools, when people click an ad, they go to 1 webpage that promote the whole school, with a dropdown to select the right program.


For example, one of our clients offer Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering and Bachelors of Nursing.


How people usually do it is having a landing page with generic info about the school, and a dropdown or checkboxes to choose the program they are interested in.


But how we did it is having a webpage for Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering and another for Bachelor of Nursing.


You might ask, ‘Why go through all the trouble?’


The reason is because webpages act as your salesperson before they ever speak to you. It’s a great asset to promote your programs further and give more details about the program and ‘sell’ them further that the program is the right thing for them.


If you only have 1 webpage that doesn’t have more detailed information about the programs… what makes you stand out, they wouldn’t be very sold on it, and the reason why they fill in the form is just because their curious, not because of their desire to study it at your school.


This is one of the reasons why a lot of education providers are getting bad quality leads – these leads weren’t very sure as they aren’t fully sold on the program to take the next step.


Are your ads running to different corresponding pages? 


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