How to Start Enrolling More International Students To Your University, College or School?

Contrary to popular belief, in most cases, you don’t need to build a student dormitory before you can recruit international students.


You can also give information or assist students in finding accommodation.


The other way is, of course, recruit international students to your online programs.


Also, it’s not necessary to travel overseas to get students – you don’t need a budget for that. This is important as border closures should not affect whether you can recruit international students or not.


Once you decide this is the right time to start, here’s what you need:


1. A webpage for international students

Students from different countries are attracted to different elements of a school. And often, they are looking for different things from domestic students. For example, some students focus on the ranking of the schools, others are focused on other factors. You’ll need to create a webpage to answers their FAQ, your different selling points in relation to their desires and information to answer their objections.


2. Decide how you want to market your programs

Here are 3 most common ways to get started:

a. Agents

Agents help you with the marketing in their country, and help you to meet with the students, and send the students to you.


For agents, you’ll pay them a % commission fee on every successful enrollment, usually on your 1st year tuition fee. In some cases where the tuition fee is too low, institutes would bundle up the costs charged to the student (including the accommodation fees, etc), and provide agents a % of that as the commission fee. This gives the agents an incentive to promote the programs.


In other cases, if you have a very high international ranking, you can also provide a low commission fee and allow agents to charge the students a consultation fee.


b. Platforms

For the platforms, you’ll have to input information about your different programs depending on the platform’s requirements. In some cases, you’ll pay a listing fee, but in most cases, they actually work as agents where they charge a commission fee on every successful enrollment.


c. Direct recruitment

Posting on social media, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, Bing Ads… Are all methods of direct recruitment. This helps you to generate international student inquiries without travelling.


Which way do you prefer to recruit international students?



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