If your university or school is not getting enough international students through agents… Here’s why.

If your university or school is not getting enough international students through agents… Here’s why.


For education providers recruiting international students, a common practice is to work with education agents. It’s the norm and It’s almost what everyone else is doing.


However, now that you’re working with education agents, how come you’re not able to see the results you want? How come you’re still not reaching your international student recruitment goals?


There are a few reasons to this:

👉🏻The agents are incapable. They don’t know how to do their marketing.

👉🏻The agents send unqualified student leads/inquiries. What they’ll do is they help a student send off multiple applications to many different schools to see who would accept them, and then the students will choose (most likely, it’s not you) During that time, your team also spends lots of effort and time on reviewing the applications, which the time would have been better used to serve other international students.

👉🏻You’re not famous. Each agent represents multiple schools and universities. And since your school is not famous, it costs them a lot of money and effort to market your school in their country. Why not make their own life easy, and just promote other more famous schools?

👉🏻Your commission fee is not high enough. Since agents represent multiple schools and a lot of their student-facing staff work on a commission-basis, of course it’s only natural to promote the ones with higher commission fees. For whatever program you offer, most likely the agent promotes a similar program already, but have higher commission fees 👉🏻who do you think they will choose? But then, if your commission fee is so high, then how can you make a profit?


Even if they have signed partnership agreements with you, they have no obligation in sending any students to you.

What’s worse, since the pandemic, many agents have cashflow problems and have closed down.


But how do you know that you’re suffering from these problems?


There are actually a few things you need to watch out for:

👉🏻Is your team complaining that the agents are not sending students? If yes, there are issues with working with agents

👉🏻Are there only a few agents willing to partner with you?

👉🏻Does your team have many inquiries but they’re just not turning into enrollments?

👉🏻Have your students said they want to start at your school, and didn’t arrive?


That’s how you know there’s a fundamental problem with the way how you’re recruiting international students right now.


If you want to learn how to fix this, learn more here: 


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