International Enrollment Pitfall #2

Have you heard of THAT college or university being labelled as, ‘That’s the school where Chinese students go to?’


I can still remember studying in the UK as an international student.


We went down the Times Higher Education ranking to choose my school.


When we saw a school, we immediately pointed out that the school was filled with Chinese students. 


As an international student, we study abroad because we’d like an international experience – it’s not just about the quality of education. 


When a school has too many students of a certain nationality, things aren’t fun anymore.


In this case, why don’t I just study in China if I could interact with many Chinese students there at a fraction of the tuition fees? 


For Chinese students/parents, they would think, ‘Why pay so much to go abroad when I basically get a similar experience in Chinese?’


It’s easy to fall into the trap to accept students who meet the requirements (good money right?)


But the thing is, when this nationality balance is lost, your school will get labelled and the study experience just heads downhill. 


Leading to low retention rates.


The solution is to penetrate several different countries quickly and keep on expanding in order to maintain a beautiful balance in nationalities. 


If you’re working with agents, it’s good to makes sure agents from different countries are sending similar number of students – which can be challenging. 


Digital marketing could be a better option.


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