With that many options, it's hard to get students

Recently, we’ve bought a new toy for my daughter.


When my mom saw it, she said, ‘Oh yes. Girls play with toy kitchen.’👩‍🍳


So the reason why we got it for her is because she loves to watch me cook.


She often mimics what I do in the kitchen.


Whenever she gets her hands on a toy saucepan, she throws in some things inside and uses a spatula to stir it while making some sizzling noise herself!


Since she has a love for toy cooking, we got her the kitchen set because we believe she’ll love ‘cooking’ alongside her mommy.


However, on the other hand, we’ve also bought her toy trucks and steering wheel.


We didn’t get her a toy kitchen because girls are supposed to cook. We actually got it for her because she showed interest.


As long as she finds an interest, we will help her explore.


Whether it’s toys, her future subjects or career, she has a choice to choose.


However, there are so many options out there even for a toy kitchen, a toy truck, a toy steering wheel.


We always want the best for our child. So we shop around. We do our research.


When our child grows up, she will be doing her own shopping on what kind of subject, school would be best for herself and her future.


With that many options, no wonder schools, universities and colleges are having a hard to getting students.


As an education provider, it’s extremely hard for you to attract international students, as they are not only choosing their course and institute, but also the country they want to study in!

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