How To Get 100s Of International Students 
Without Relying on Agents, Travelling or High Reputation
Case Study: 391% increase in enrollments within 6 months
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EXCLUSIVE Training Reveals:
  • ​How to accelerate your international student recruitment by using an Agent - Direct Recruitment Ascension Model even if you've just started and you don't have a huge international reputation
  • ​A simple strategy to work with better, more active agents without travelling or attending networking events like ICEF
  • The little-known secret to get more and better applications from agency partners even if they represent other institutions that pay higher commission
  • ​​How to leverage on these agency partnerships to build your own direct recruitment channel, and significantly reduce the commission payouts
  • ​The EXACT 5-step Agent-Direct Recruitment Ascension Model we used to achieve 391% increase in enrollments within 6 months... it works if your classes are online or in-person
"International students bring in a lot of revenues, and most education providers are paying hefty commission fees to agents. On the other hand, most agents underperform, leading to tremendous waste in time and resources. You need to work with better, more active agents, and you need a more cost-effective way to recruit international students. In recent NAFSA discussions, it was also recommended to use digital recruitment due to the limitations in travel. This report will allow you to craft your marketing plan that actually drives international student leads and enrollments, even with budget cuts."
Vivien, Founder of YGS, Increase Student Enrollments by as high as 391% in 6 months
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